February 2024


A free, self-study course on Active Citizenship. The EU’s Erasmus+ programme has supported the project.


The EU project (end 31.12.2023) has produced an app which can be downloaded for free from Appstore and GooglePlay. Teachers, evaluators and stakeholders may prefer just to see the demo version on, where they can click through the entire app and not be bound to follow the order of course modules.

In this website you’ll find the content of the entire course in Word-format in English and Danish. Versions in German, French and Greek can be found on the European platform or on the project’s Google Drive: EU PLATFORM RESULTS – Google Drive. Teachers and other interested people can copy from this material and adapt it as desired.

This project promoted the EU Youth Strategy 2019-27 about engaging, connecting and empowering young

With this education programme we would

The project partners are: Belgium, ThinkYoung, Denmark: Consulting Company Ivan Häuser, Germany: Aufbruch-Neukoelln, Greece: F&K-Centre of Innovation, Italy: Sintagmi impresa sociale. 

Active Citizenship is indispensable for the survival of democracy. However, there was a lack of suitable learning material on Active citizenship, and the subject-matter is not either on the curricula of education institutions. We would make it possible for young people to acquire competencies in active citizenship and thus stimulate democracy.

There course is targeted at young people

  • Who want to make a difference in the society
  • Who may become politicians, leaders or a founder of an NGO, a knowledge worker in a charitable organisation
  • Who want to boost their possibilities for jobs and further education.

It also targets political parties’ youth departments, trade unions, NGOs, social enterprises and education institutions.

Our new, informal, interdisciplinary education integrates disciplines, such as: Psychology (Personal and social development, empathy, resilience), Sociology (entrepreneurship, integration, social dynamics and issues), Journalism (critical thinking (being aware of echo chambers, not buying fake news, sound judgment, retrieving adequate information), Environmental studies (advocacy for protection of the earth, fighting climate change, finding jobs in the growing green sector), Social science and Politology (understanding the nature of power and influence).

Good luck with your learning!


Feel free to contact the project manager Ivan Häuser on, +4540342496