Start January 2022

Development and test of an informal education in active citizenship for young people
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  • Consulting company Ivan Häuser. Ivan Häuser, Salman Ahmad
  •  Thinkyoung, Belgium, Andrea Gerosa, Martha Ramos Ayiesha Swarnn,
  • Aufbruch Neukölln, Germany, Maria Klimas,
  • F&K Consultants, Greece, Iliana Korma.
  • Sintagmi, Italy,, Paola Conti, Angela Bizarro


ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP – learn how to make a difference

  • A student-centered online education, designed as experiential learning
  • Free of charge, available on mobile phones and PCs, take it when you have time
  • Learn together with fellow students or on your own, abroad or at home
  • Engage in inspiring exercises and reflections
  • Get a useful diploma for job seeking

Description of content

Study your motives for wanting to be an active citizen. What are your drivers? What do you want to accomplish? Design a personal project which will run like a read thread through the modules.

Develop a strong inner center and strong social competencies. Learn to analyze your own and other people’s behavior. Identify your personal values and purpose. Learn to handle dilemmas and reconcile opposing considerations and interests.

Active citizenship:
How might you commit to engaging in society as an active citizen? And why is such a commitment important in our local and global communities? Study examples of local and global problems that are not being addressed properly yet. Learn how to promote a cause both within a system and from outside a system (using alternative methods). Learn how to make a difference for the benefit of others and yourself.

Social entrepreneurship:
Learn how to make a sustainable business out of helping others. How to raise funds. How to develop a strong value proposition for your ideas. How to lead an organization with staff and volunteers and create a strong working community.

Learn methods of articulating societal problems and giving voice to people and issues that need to be represented. Learn how to be heard in a debate. Learn methodologies of lobbyism, planning a demonstration, organizing a strike, and designing a happening.