Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae: Ivan Häuser

Ivan Häuser

Born 1947

Management consultant in the field of organisational development,
change management, leadership, communication, coaching.
Education: Graduate 1978, Århus University, Denmark

Diploma in teaching (pædagogikum), Randers Statsskole 1979

Golden medal 1979, Copenhagen Business School

PhD 2011, Copenhagen Business School


Career: Director of Centre for Teachers in Adult Education, Århus, 1980-1989

Senior Consultant Konsulentfirmaet Bøje Larsen 1989-1994

External Lecturer at Danmarks Ingeniør Akademi 1990-91

Project Director Andersen Management International 1994-2001

Director of Consulting Company Ivan Häuser since 2001

Partner in Vitus Bering Management, Moscow, since 2004

Partner in Avmor Europe (key account manager Eastern Europe) since 2005

External lecturer in Psychology of Leadership and Danish Language at DIS – Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen since 2012

Partner in Alkalaer Games (developing apps for reading skills) since 2011

Post doc at Copenhagen Business School in the field of Internet of Things since 2012

Selected work experience:

  • Development of app for reading skills in co-operation with the publishing house Alkalaer. Organisation of production of prototype in Bangladesh in the form of a DANIDA project. Ongoing from 2011
  • Researcher at CBS within the field Internet of Things. Ongoing from 2012
  • Evaluation assignments for KVUC – Copenhagen Adult Education Centre 2010-11: Open space learning, teaching of immigrants, international co-operation
  • Teaching Danish to foreign university students of the Danish language, The Danish Cultural Institute, 2011 and 2012
  • Advisor to the Public Account Committee of the Danish Parliament 2009-2010
  • As partner in Vitus Bering Management: Assisting Scandinavian companies (such as Georg Jensen, Cimbria, DLH, Glud & Marstrand) on the Russian and Central Asian market since 2004
  • EU project manager in Kaliningrad 2005
  • EU Project manager at the Diplomatic Academy in Kazakhstan 1998-2001
  • Evaluation of the independence of international consultants working for Danida 2001
  • Project manager for the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1999-2004
  • EU project manager in Albania 1995
  • In general: Management trainer and advisor for ministries, agencies and local authorities, museums and education institutions in Denmark since 1989

Country Experience:

Denmark, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, England, Japan, Albania, South Africa

Working languages:

English, German, Russian, Czech