The Ivan Häuser Consultancy Firm

The Concept

  • Managerial courage
  • Productivity improvement
  • Evaluation
  • Psychological working environment
  • Project design and project management
Consultancy services, solutions, projects, courses, seminars and lectures.
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries; the Public Accounts Committee of the Danish Parliament; Copenhagen Centre for Adult Education; Danish Ministry of Transport (now Ministry of Transport and Energy), the Danish Prison and Probation Service, the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), Branchearbejdsmiljørådet Bar Foka, the Danish State Railways (DSB), the Danish Public Employment Service (AF), the EU, Danish Museums.

Managerial courage and Change management
Managerial courage is in high demand, in particular when productivity has to be improved. Change imposed from outside is often hard to swallow and difficult to offer whole-hearted support. The concept: Change management is about making people understand and appreciate the necessity of the change, and use change positively to create progress in other areas.
Business development i Russia and neigbouring markets
My partner, Vitus Bering Management Aage Nielsen


Presentations are about tuning in to the audience and make sure they have something to gain from listening. A presentation must make a difference!
The concept: It is important to realise that people have different strengths as communicators. People show themselves from their best side, so that they can come across as credible and interesting.
Presentation courses in English are offered in partnership with GlobalDenmark a/s, www.global-denmark.dk.

Competence development and development of employees
The concept: Employees should continuously grow with developing competences! The workplace should be designed to foster personal development, primarily on the job. A new type of dialogue-based interview is used in which career opportunities are important elements.

Psychological working environment
A good psychological working environment has two characteristics: (1) no one suffers harm, i.e. becomes ill from going to work, and (2) everyone is assigned tasks that match their ambitions and provide job satisfaction. The concept: How do we make sure that the job is healthy? For the individual: How do I handle stress? The starting point is the organisation.

Handling difficult conversations
The concept: During a conversation, it is important to make people able to communicate a difficult or unpleasant message so the recipient understands it correctly, with a sense of dignity and a perception of having received fair and equitable treatment.

Consultative sales
The concept: I believe in the notion that you do not sell a product to a client; you sell it in collaboration with the client with a view to improving the client’s business. I make a critical assessment of how you as a business are currently dealing with clients, and what can be done for you to understand your clients’ motives better and build long-lasting relationships including sales and collaboration. I use a special questioning technique inspired by Neil Rackham’s SPIN-selling strategy: Make a move that brings you closer to a sale. Ask situation questions. Ask problem questions. Ask implication questions. Ask Need-Payoff questions.

Project design and project management
In today’s companies, many tasks are carried out as projects. The concept: I follow a concept where the project description determines the design and implementation of the project. I help prepare complex applications and proposals using the Logical Framework Approach, and I use simple models that make it possible to work in a targeted and structured manner with complex problems.